Hive WebRTC: Powerful Enterprise Video Distribution Solution

WebRTC Video Streaming

Hive WebRTC: Powerful Enterprise Video Distribution Solution

No Software Install Required!


Why WebRTC for Video Streaming?

Hive WebRTC video streaming is out of beta! WebRTC is just 6 years old, yet, this open-source technology has been utilized by billions of users and thousands of applications. WebRTC was developed to help people communicate through voice and video – without the need to install any specialized software.

WebRTC operates within certain web browsers and allows audio and video communications – easy to use and sexy! It effectively utilizes technology very dear to our heart – peer-to-peer communication. It is very secure since all WebRTC traffic is encrypted end-to-end. WebRTC is used by many applications you may use every day, including Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.

Is this the era of WebRTC? It seems so! But why is it so popular?

  • From a user’s perspective, the pure browser-based solution gives any device connected to the Internet scalable multimedia communication (voice, video, chat, file sharing or combinations of these), without having to install any additional software or browser plugin.
  • From a developer’s perspective, WebRTC delivery an easy way of developing real-time multimedia applications without strong knowledge of network protocols.
  • From a business perspective, since Chrome and Firefox are WebRTC compatible and are used by the majority of internet users, the market opportunity is already substantial, and growing every day. In addition, both Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari are current developing full WebRTC support.

Hive WebRTC App

At Hive we realized the huge potential of the WebRTC technology and started to develop a Hive Client running only in WebRTC browsers called Hive WebRTC. We released the Beta version of Hive WebRTC in 2017 and we started testing it with some of our customers with very good results – delivering similar bandwidth savings as the installed Hive Agents. We also experienced a strong market demand as customers started to ask either for hybrid solutions of Hive Agent and Hive WebRTC App or pure Hive WebRTC App deployments. Within a few months and with a lot of hard work we managed to release the Hive WebRTC App v1.0, in April 2017.

93% bandwidth savings a remote office in Bangalore, India delivered by Hive WebRTC
93% bandwidth savings a remote office in Bangalore, India delivered by Hive WebRTC

Hive WebRTC App does not require any installation and can be used by any viewer on Windows or Android Mobile, as long as the video platform they use is integrated with Hive. The viewer may also have multiple streams at the same time which may be convenient in cases where the presenter and the presentation are in separate streams. Hive WebRTC App v1.0 comes with the ability to automatically solve any whitelisting or proxy issues you might have since everything is running on the viewer’s browser.

Hive Agent vs Hive WebRTC App use case

We compared the mature Hive Agent with the recently released Hive WebRTC App across the same networks and with the same exact viewers through a Silent Test. The results were more than encouraging, given that with the technologies are completely different and that WebRTC has some limitations when it comes to advanced networking techniques.

The test specifications:

Type of event: Live
Number of viewers: 290
Time of the event: 14 mins
Time of the day: Late evening

Test results:

In both cases the overall Quality of Experience was Excellent and the savings were only 2.9% higher with the installed Hive Agent!

Hive Agent

Hive Agent

Hive WebRTC App

Hive WebRTC App


Eventually, we believe all major browsers will have WebRTC support. Hive WebRTC App is a solution that does not require installation and can function with minimum effort and maintenance with almost the same benefits as the Hive Agent.

There are some limitations compared to Hive Agents. One of the major features of the Hive Agent, the ability to run Silent Tests, is not supported. Also, less information can be gathered through Hive WebRTC on the end users experience and therefore the statistics are not as comprehensive.

Hive Web RTC is an incredible technology that can facilitate the efficient distribution of video and audio – yes, it effectively utilizes peering so that users share streams rather than getting their own stream. It beautifully augments a Hive Agent deployment in cases where the installed the installation of software is not feasible. This is a cutting-edge solution that can only bring better and better results. Hive is already working on improvements that will be released in the v1.5. later this year. If you have any questions please reach out via

Despina Stamkou