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Why Hive WebRTC for Video Streaming?

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Tim Wang
Why Hive WebRTC for Video Streaming?

WebRTC is the leading industry standard for delivering high-quality video quickly and efficiently through the browser. In this blog post, you’ll learn why you should use the Hive WebRTC for video streaming and power up your enterprise video distribution.

All major modern browsers support WebRTC, allowing audio and video communication delivery via peer-to-peer communication. WebRTC traffic is also encrypted end-to-end, ensuring a secure means of transport for your video. Many applications you likely use today, including major chat, meetings, and video apps, already take advantage of WebRTC.

Hive WebRTC builds on top of this already powerful technology to seamlessly ensure that your next live event attains maximum reach, and allows viewers to benefit from the best possible Quality of Experience. And this – all while collecting detailed event performance data.

In short, WebRTC is here to stay and will only improve over time thanks to its several key advantages:

  • Zero setup required: The purely browser-based solution gives virtually any device connected to the Internet scalable multimedia communication (voice, video, chat, file sharing, etc.). And this without having to install any additional software or browser plugin.
  • Easy to maintain: WebRTC also delivers an easy mechanism for developing real-time multimedia applications without requiring strong knowledge of network protocols.
  • Massive reach: WebRTC is compatible with all major modern browsers and is already used by a majority of Internet users. And they are likely to benefit from it on a daily basis. This reach will only broaden as more companies find new ways to use this technology.

Hive WebRTC for video streaming app

At Hive, we’ve built on top of the powerful WebRTC technology and created a browser-only solution known as Hive WebRTC.

And this product has enjoyed several years of continuous use and updates by many large global brands. As a result, these brands have enabled company employees to watch important live events with no attendance restrictions or compromising on video quality.

image of webrtc for video streaming example

*Image above: 93% bandwidth savings a remote office in Bangalore, India delivered by Hive WebRTC

Hive WebRTC allows users to enjoy the rich suite of Hive analytics and bandwidth savings – with zero setups required.

We’ve partnered with many of the largest enterprise video platforms to ensure customers can take advantage of our solution – regardless of what their existing technology stack might look like. You can check out all of our integrations here.

Hive WebRTC for Your Next Event

When using Hive WebRTC, you’ll be able to benefit from all the peering and analytics Hive has to offer with no setup required. Its benefits are enjoyed by many global enterprises and organizations today. You can check out some of our customer stories here.

It also includes the addition of Silent Testing for WebRTC deployments and events.

In addition, beyond Hive WebRTC, our other product, the Hive Agent, adds significant additional features. You can learn more about them here.

With that said, Hive WebRTC is an excellent example of advanced technology that works seamlessly by itself. Or as an addition to deployments where installation of software is not feasible.

And this cutting-edge solution will continue to evolve as our engineers continue to develop new features.

So, please reach out to us here if you have any questions or want to know more.

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