These tips are going to be most relevant for someone looking to webcast from their desk using either a
built-in computer camera or an independent, free-standing camera. Those engaging in bigger productions will no doubt have guidance from an experienced team, but many of these tips still will be applicable. As Dan Rayburn, the editor of, points out in a blog post, the devil is in the non-technical details. Here are some tips to make sure your webcast looks great:

  • Select a location that:
    • Is well lit and has consistent light
    • Is free of external noise
    • Has covered windows
    • Is free of clutter
  • Avoid wearing clothing or patterns that may become distorted on camera. Generally, plain dark colors work best. If you plan to wear a coat or jacket, it’s best not to button it.
  • Bring a sign to put on the door to avoid interruptions during your broadcast.
  • Do a camera check before starting your broadcast.
  • Pay close attention to lighting as it has a large impact on the audience’s perception of your professionalism.
  • Make sure your background and foreground is free of possible distractions
  • If good lighting is resulting in any shine on your skin, apply a little make-up
  • And most importantly, make sure cell phones are off, desk phones are on mute, and any applications that may try and alert you on your computer are shut-down


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Thanks for reading and look for upcoming posts on other aspects of conducting a successful webcast. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback or need help delivering webcasts to your enterprise.

Stephen Condon