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3 Signs your company desperately needs an eCDN

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In today’s digital age, video content has become a staple in business operations, but ensuring seamless video streaming experiences can be a challenge. As enterprises increasingly rely on video for communication, training, and collaboration, it’s crucial to address the pain points that hinder optimal video delivery. That’s where video content delivery software – also known as an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) – comes in. In this blog post, we’ll explore three key pain points that indicate your company urgently needs an eCDN to revolutionize your video delivery infrastructure. 

1.  Network congestion crushing productivity

Is network congestion causing frustration and hampering productivity within your organization? When numerous users attempt to stream videos simultaneously, it overwhelms your network infrastructure, resulting in buffering, latency, and a deteriorated video experience. An eCDN optimizes your bandwidth usage by distributing video content from a central source to strategically placed servers across your network. By eliminating network congestion, an eCDN empowers your team with seamless video streaming, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

2. Geographically dispersed workforce struggling with video experience 

Does your company operate across multiple locations or employ remote workers? If delivering video content in high quality to dispersed offices, branches, or remote employees is proving challenging due to varying network conditions and limited bandwidth, an eCDN is the solution. By caching video content locally, an eCDN reduces the distance and network hops required for delivery. This ensures consistent video playback, minimizes buffering, and provides a unified viewing experience across all locations. With an eCDN, your organization can easily supercharge global DEX efforts, your geographically dispersed workforce can enjoy seamless video communication and collaboration.

3. Overwhelmed by high-demand live video events

Are high-demand live video events overwhelming your network infrastructure? Broadcasting live video to a large audience requires robust bandwidth and a scalable video delivery solution. An eCDN optimizes live video streaming through multicast technology. By broadcasting a single stream from a central source and replicating it to multiple viewers, an eCDN eliminates the need for separate connections, reducing network strain. The result? Smooth and uninterrupted live video streaming experiences, regardless of audience size or geographical location. 

Why your enterprise needs content delivery software

In today’s fast-paced business environment, delivering exceptional video streaming experiences is vital for effective communication, training, and collaboration. If your company is grappling with network congestion, struggling to deliver video content in high quality to dispersed locations, or feeling the strain of high-demand live video events, it’s time to consider implementing an eCDN. By mitigating network congestion, optimizing bandwidth usage, and enhancing live video delivery, Hive Streaming’s Video Optimization eCDN and Video Analytics can transform your company’s video streaming capabilities and ultimately increase strategic alignment and engagement across your entire organization.  

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