Panopto Partners with Hive to Differentiate their Video Platform Offering


Panopto Partners with Hive to Differentiate their Video Platform Offering

One of the most compelling aspects of the Hive Streaming solution is our Hive Insights reporting and analytics.  And many of the people we speak with don’t realize that Hive Insights does not require the Hive Agent to be deployed in order to capture detailed statistics on video streaming performance on the corporate network.

Once enabled on a video platform, Hive Insights can help a variety of event stakeholders better understand the performance of a video streaming event – including corporate communications, video production, and network management teams.

All of this without requiring the installation of an agent.

Just a few of the things you can do with HIVE Insights:

  • Obtain event fundamentals – overall viewer quality of experience, total viewers, average viewing time, video startup time, etc.
  • Classify top company sites by viewer participation or quality of experience
  • Understand event performance globally, at a site level or even an individual viewer level
  • Filter data by location, browser, operating system, and other metrics
  • Export location and viewer performance data for use in other reporting solutions


Hive Streaming has been working closely with Panopto for some time – in fact, a Fortune 100 technology company has trusted the combined Panopto-Hive Streaming and come to rely upon Hive Insights.  Panopto has seen first-hand the utility and value of Hive Insights when deployed with their platform. Eric Burns, co-founder, and CEO of Panopto, says that with Hive Insights they are able to customers “a new level of control and insight into the performance and impact of video events”.

As a result, Panopto has decided to offer Hive Insights at no additional cost to their current and future customers.

We jointly announced this extended partnership today, you can read the press release here. Hive is excited that more enterprises will get exposed to the utility of Hive Insights and we believe many of them will choose to engage with Panopto to utilize the efficiency of Hive Streaming video distribution as well. If you want to learn more about our integration with Panopto, you can get more details here. If your enterprise is an Office 365 user and you’d like a free trial of Hive Insights, this blog will tell you how to get it.

Jonathan Discount