How ZF uses video communication to drive corporate alignment and company culture

Digital transformation is not only about incorporating digital technology for ZF, but to enable all employees to participate to the transformation by advocating transparency, trust and collaboration around the direction of the company.

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Friedrichshafen, Germany

Commitment to people as part of corporate values

ZF is not just an innovative company – they have been pioneers of engineering for more than 100 years. ZF knows from experience that in order to stay at the forefront of the industry, it is essential to make both innovation and a commitment to people central to their corporate values.

ZF sees Hive not only as a technological step into the future, but as a crucial way to empower their employees to be active participants in the development of the company.


High quality internal video communication for all employees

Video-on-demand instead of email

It is now more important than ever for employees to be able to communicate seamlessly with colleagues who may be working from home or spread out across the world. In light of this, ZF took the decision to reinvent existing email-only communication with all employees through incorporating video on demand (VOD).

Live video to drive better alignment

To drive better alignment across the entire company, ZF has started to use the power of live video streaming to harness new technical possibilities and thus communicate at eye level even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Live video streaming is a quicker and more immersive way of communicating within an organization, and as the results below show, a better way to engage employees and make them a part of the transformation.

High quality video & workforce analytics

Using Hive Streaming in combination with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream, ZF has now managed to maximize the quality of both live and on-demand video as well as understand how video quality is being perceived across the workforce.


What ZF has successfully managed to achieve

  1. Innovation in ways of working
  2. Higher employee reach
  3. Culture of transparency & trust
  4. Corporate alignment
  5. Modernized communication

Increased employee reach for live video events since December 2019


Concurrent video-on-demand viewers while delivering the highest quality video experience


Increase in monthly live video events in Q2 versus Q1