Junior Software Engineer, Platform Team

Engineer, Programming
Stockholm, Sweden
Posted 6 days ago

Hive Streaming provides video distribution solutions for enterprise networks worldwide. This full-time position located on Södermalm in Stockholm will interest you if you love technology, innovation, and backend systems. If you’re interested in fixing problems of scale and want to help us define the next generation of reliable software for millions of active users – keep reading!

About the role

We are looking for a junior software engineer to join our platform team. In this role you will learn about scaling backend systems–how to identify computational and IO-bound bottlenecks, strategies for horizontal scaling, and how to reason about potential efficiencies gained for transferring and storing lots of data. You will be mentored by a senior engineer through discussions and pair programming, and learn best practices in coding, design patterns, platform infrastructure, and engineering processes. You will level-up your scala chops. You will, over time, make increasingly valuable contributions to a growth-stage startup on a driven yet humble team.

 About you

You have a solid foundation in computer science fundamentals. You are familiar with the time complexity of common operations on maps, lists, and sets. You are able to think through a difficult problem, step by step. You have a framework for understanding technical topics and are willing to put in the effort and ask the questions you need to connect the dots. You are eager to learn about best practices in software engineering while working with a team of talented, hard-working, compassionate colleagues.

About the team

The Platform Team has a cross-functional approach. We take shared responsibility for both resource-level management and development of existing and new services in our service-oriented architecture. This includes service orchestration using Kubernetes, common logging and monitoring services, and data infrastructure such as Kafka, Redis and HBase. We design, implement and test services, APIs and Data Products. The common Platform serves our feature teams, the larger organization, and our customers. We work closely with the rest of engineering with guidelines and support to ensure that our platform is reliable, scalable, maintainable, and easy to use.

About Hive Streaming

We take pride in serving the needs of our clients, among them several Fortune 500 companies, by providing live streaming & video-on-demand delivery, network testing and in-depth analytics. We’re currently enjoying a sweet scaleup-phase with solidly deployed projects and an overwhelming network of admirable clients who keep innovating our digital world just like us.
In our dynamic, entrepreneurial, fast-growing and international company we’re passionate about new technologies and innovative products. Would you like to join a team of 24 nationalities where kindness and curiosity are highly valued?

General Information

Employment: Full-time

Start date: Position available now

Salary and benefits: Competitive

Location: Södermalm, Stockholm

How to apply

Complete the form that’s linked to from this page.

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