Visualizing the Video Stream Solution Network

Visualizing the Video Stream Solution Network

Hive Insights Provides a Viewer-Centric View Of The Network Stream Solutions During An Event

Introducing Hive Insights
One of the unique capabilities of Hive Streaming is providing a viewer-centric view of the network during the event – much more than traditional player-based metrics (limited to the browser). So with our Q2 release, we’re proud to introduce Hive Insights – a series of interactive reports offering unprecedented detail into the streaming network.

A Graphical View of the Network
First up are the Cluster and Radial Graphs. The Cluster graph presents a fractal, interactive view of the network over the course of the streaming video event.

The user can scale the nodes of the Cluster graph from the Site level down to Subnets or even individual viewers. The nodes are sized based on the amount of streaming traffic they distributed. The user can dig deeper by selecting a node and dragging it out of the cluster to more closely examine how much content passed through that point in the network. The user can also select a node to see which other nodes were served. Here’s a video source highlighted:

With the video source highlighted – the user can see exactly which Sites pulled content directly from the origin. The rest of the traffic was efficiently shared internally.

The radial graph is one of our favorites – you can see elements of it in our logo. The radial at the left illustrates the distribution of all video streams over the course of the streaming video event – including streams pulled from the video source and those shared within the network. Highlight an inbound stream and see which viewers shared that stream.


At right, the user drags the mouse over the source label and can see that only nine streams were needed from the original video source to feed the event – the rest came from inside the network. The streams are color-coded based on the amount of traffic carried.

Troubleshooting the Event
While the Cluster and Radials allow the network administrator to explore the effect of video on the network in a fun & interactive way, the ability to troubleshoot an event is where the rubber hits the road.

And that’s where the Detailed Event Report comes in.

The Detailed Event Report is built entirely around understanding viewer Quality of Experience. The user begins with a summary of the event – including a listing of the Sites and individual Clients that had the best & worst experiences during the event.

But it won’t be those viewers at the best sites that will be calling in with complaints during the event! So the Detailed Event Report allows the user to drill into the Sites and Viewers with the worst experience:

Next, the user can drill down further into Stats for individual viewers, including:

  • Individual viewer Quality of Experience
  • Timing of video startup events
  • Content bitrate (including switches)
  • Source throughput and errors
  • Buffering at both the Hive client and player control level

At the viewer level, we can see this particular viewer began having trouble after watching the first half of the event. We can see the buffering beginning both for the Hive client and the player control.

Next, we can see the buffering events align with a sharp decline in the viewer’s download capacity:

Next, we can see the buffering events align with a sharp decline in the viewer’s download capacity:

First the viewer had to drop out of the P2P network (red). Then their Client briefly tried to pull from the origin (gray), but by that time their available download capacity was limited at around 100 kbit/s – not enough to sustain the video.

Our other charts tell us the viewer was in a Site that otherwise had excellent download speeds and Quality of Experience. So troubleshooting can move on from the video event itself to more common culprits, including roaming between Wi-Fi access points or switching from wired to wireless connectivity.

At Hive Streaming, turning video data into compelling visualizations to help the network administrator or the webcast manager is our passion. The new Insight reports are available from the updated Admin Tool for both VoD and Live events – contact your reseller about upgrading.

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Jonathan Discount
VP, Product Management

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