Hive Enterprise Video Distribution

Making Enterprise Video Distribution Simple



Hive Enterprise Video Distribution provides a simple and powerful solution for live and on-demand enterprise video distribution. The Hive Enterprise Video Distribution solution is 100 % software based, requires no additional hardware and comes with the following promises:



Simple to deploy

Delivers the video

Protects the network at all times


Requires no ongoing configuration


For the Video Production Manager

Highly scalable and efficient video distribution service reaching the entire organization Real-time reporting and network monitoring of live broadcasts and on-demand distribution. Advanced tools for QoE analytics down to individual users.

Comprehensive silent testing tools to fully test the entire chain of production prior to major events.

For the User

Engaging and high quality video across the entire enterprise network.

For the Network Owner

Cost-effective setup, management, and monitoring of video distribution.

Event Overview

The Graph View shows a detailed interface where you can examine numbers more carefully and see the overall performance.

List view

The List View displays the most recent events, QoS, number of viewers, duration, and much more.

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