Understand the Impact of Live Video on Your Network for Free!

Understand the Impact of Live Video on Your Network for Free!

Understand the Impact of Live Video on Your Network for Free!

How Microsoft Customers can get a Free Trial of Hive Insights

Hive Insights gives Hive Streaming customers incredible insights into how their enterprise network is coping with the delivery of video. Customers get a range of QoS data on the viewer experience and on network and video performance by site, subnet and the individual viewer. Hive Insights is used in conjunction with the Hive ECDN but can also be used as a standalone reporting and analytics engine – Hive Insights does not require software to be installed on users’ desktops and, on its own, does not provide any distribution benefit.

Now we are offering Microsoft 365 customers; Microsoft Teams, Stream, Yammer and Skype Meeting Broadcast, a free trial of Hive Insights. These are the steps involved in getting your Free Trial of Hive Insights set up.

Step 1.
Complete the form at the bottom of this page. You’ll receive a welcome letter from Hive with a license key and instructions on activating.

Step 2.
Select the Microsoft 365 applications you will use with HIVE Insights. You should familiarize yourself with the requirements to enable HIVE for each supported Microsoft 365 application. Please note enabling Hive for Skype Meeting Broadcast, Office 365 and Teams live events requires Office 365 Tenant Admin access. For Microsoft Stream and Yammer, only Stream Admin access is required.

Log in to the HIVE Admin Tool with the provided username and password.

Step 4.
Although most Hive for Microsoft 365 functions are supported transparently through the Microsoft application, you may also need to log in to the HIVE Admin Tool to activate your Microsoft Stream license.

That’s it! You’ll now have a tool that can give you some great data on how your network will handle live video. If you have any questions, or if you experience significant network challenges or viewer quality issues and would like to try HIVE’s full distribution service, please feel free to contact us at

Stephen Condon

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