The Vital Role of Networking in Corporate Video

Corporate Video Networking

The Vital Role of Networking in Corporate Video

Networking Through Corporate Video Is More Effective Than Any Other Form Of Communication

Content Delivery Network Solutions Help Support The Growing Need for Steaming Video At The Enterprise-Level

Despite video’s clear value to the enterprise, it is virtually meaningless without the right corporate video networking solution and distribution infrastructure. For video to deliver on its business promise, organizations must have robust internal corporate networks capable of handling the traffic generated by what is a data-intensive format: video. At organizations that distribute live online video more than 100 times annually, 97% of executive surveyed say that “having enough network capacity to distribute video” plays either a “very important” or “somewhat important” role when making a purchase decision between competing streaming technology solutions.

The importance of networking in enterprise video is reflected by the budgets already being applied to its implementation. Overall, spending on enterprise videos tools and hosted software solutions is expected to approach $1.5 billion in 2017, according to Wainhouse Research forecasts. While this total spend amount accounts for the entire ecosystem of content creation solutions, encoders, management systems and other streaming solutions, the costs of networking equipment dedicated to support video distribution Service typically stand as the single biggest expenditure associated with the implementation of streaming solutions in large organizations.

This paper goes on to explain some of the commonly used approaches to enabling corporate video networking and evaluates each approach:

  • Do-It-Yourself Media Servers
  • Proprietary Dedicated Cache Solutions
  • Wide Area Networking Alternatives
  • Multicast
  • Software Defined Networks (such as

This research was conducted by Wainhouse Research.

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