StreamShark and Hive Streaming Announce Partnership

StreamShark and Hive Streaming Announce Partnership


Hive Streaming Helps StreamShark Address High-Quality Video Delivery Challenges.

We are excited to announce that StreamShark and Hive Streaming will be working together to offer users a highly efficient video delivery solution. The joint solution will combine StreamShark’s expertise in reliable video delivery with Hive Streaming’s unique peer-based delivery service to offer users the best video viewing experience possible.

The StreamShark platform leverages innovative technology to solve common pain points around live and on-demand streaming. Streamshark covers the complete streaming workflow, inlcuding: live stream setup and testing, desired security measures (DRM, access control), transcoding for adaptive bitrate streaming, and global multi-CDN delivery of live content to viewers across all platforms and devices. StreamShark provides security and peace of mind at every step of the live streaming workflow, building in automatic failovers that ensure an exceptional viewing experience for audiences.

StreamShark has thousands of employees located in global offices to serve the world’s largest and most valuable enterprises in various markets. These companies use StreamShark’s white-labelled platform for confidential and restricted (internal) live streaming for events such as CEO Town Halls and All Hands Strategy Meetings.

StreamShark chose to work with Hive Streaming to address the challenge of delivering a high-quality video experience to thousands of employees on-site without saturating the bandwidth of the internal network, an even greater challenge in geographic regions suffering from lower bandwidth connectivity. It is essential to reduce the load on internal networks to not only avoid degradation of video quality viewed by employees, but also to avoid video congestion and prevent it from impacting the performance of the network for other applications. Businesses are often reluctant to deploy additional hardware infrastructure or contract with service providers for additional bandwidth to solve this problem. However, software-based solutions are appealing due to low deployment and maintenance costs. StreamShark’s partnership with Hive Streaming’s peer-based delivery creates the ideal software solution for businesses looking to apply video-streaming technology.

When Hive Streaming is enabled, the viewer’s device acts as a video distribution node, capturing underutilized bandwidth between users and offloading video traffic from the LAN. We see efficiency gains of 80-90% (i.e. a percentage of traffic delivered over Hive Streaming vs. the CDN/internet) with businesses that elect to enable Hive Streaming.

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