Streaming Media East is BACK!

Streaming Media East is BACK!

Exhibit Floor
The Hive Streaming team converged on New York City for the annual Streaming Media East conference and trade show (including the Content Delivery Summit).

Streaming Media East’s renewed energy and enthusiasm was encouraging. The exhibit floor felt bigger and more thoughtfully laid out than previous years.

Upon entering the bustling exhibit floor at the New York Hilton, attendees were greeted by a large booth by Teradek, a leading manufacturer of wireless HD video hardware. Numerous other video encoder manufacturers were in attendance – as well as video platform software providers. The largest companies exhibiting included Amazon (for Amazon Web Services) and Intel Corporation. Other prominent Fortune 500 sponsors included Comcast (Wholesale) and Verizon (Digital Media Services). Although Microsoft did not have a booth or sponsorship, the Azure Media Services team was in attendance to present on cloud-based media workflows.

Twitter offered the first day’s keynote. The Hive booth was located near the Facebook-sponsored lounge, where we enjoyed hanging out with the Facebook team and chatting with the real-life double of Carla Walton, the newest developer for Pied Piper, from HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley.

OTT vs. Enterprise
Reviewing the agenda for Streaming Media East, it’s easy to see the focus on Over-The-Top video. In all fairness, the Over-The-Top market is larger than enterprise streaming video. But the predominance of discussions about HD, 4K, and streaming at 8-9Mbps made for an interesting contrast with the world of enterprise streaming video, in which many of the world’s largest corporations have to make do with much less to deliver communications to their employees.

At Hive Streaming, this is a topic we are well-versed on – and I was pleased to have great attendance for my session, “Solving the Challenge of Enterprise Video Distribution”. I described the challenge of distributing high quality streaming video on a constrained corporate network – current approaches to solving the problem – and finally, what Hive Streaming brings to the table. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one carrying the torch for enterprise video streaming. Chris Knowlton of Wowza led an equally well-attended session entitled “Enterprise Delivery: Building an Internal Streaming Solution”, featuring panelists from Intel and Wells Fargo.

So, welcome back, Streaming Media East! We’ll see you next year! Next up for the Hive blog – our Q2 release – stay tuned.

Jonathan Discount
Hive Streaming