Office Video is steadily increasing its footprint in the Enterprise as an ideal way to manage, store and deliver VOD content for employees.  Hive Streaming has been working with the Office Video team for quite some time to pair our third party network optimization and bandwidth savings solution with the Office Video platform.  We are nearing the end of this integration and are going to give the industry a sneak peek as to how Hive will work with Office Video and the benefits Enterprises will see. Hive Streaming is also looking for a few customers to help us test our integration with Office Video via an early preview. We hope you will join this web meeting to learn more about our solution and to find out how to become an early preview customer.

If you want to learn more about how Hive works and what it can do to cache O365 video traffic on your network, tune into a 30 minute call with Microsoft and Hive Monday November 14.

Overview of Hive for O365 Video
Monday November 14 @ 8-8:30AM PST
Join Via Skype for Business:

Full invite, click here:

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