Silent Testing

About Hive Silent Testing

Hive Silent Testing is a Powerful Tool to Assess if Your Network is Ready for Large File, Large Scale Content Distribution.

An Introductory Video to Hive Insights and Hive Silent Testing

Simply Put, Silent Testing Allows You to Stress-Test Your Network and Video Platform in an Unobtrusive and Secure Manner.

It requires nothing from the end-user and, as the name implies, will go unnoticed by users and other network traffic. Some other advantages are:

  • Test your enterprise video system end-to-end with real video streams – nothing is simulated, the results will tell you the truth.
  • Detect problems before they impact video QoS – buy yourself time and peace of mind way ahead of key events.
  • Results are available in Hive Insights, providing powerful tools to analyze network impact and end-user QoS results in detail.

Breathe Easy

With Hive Silent Testing, you can easily verify if viewers can watch video with the desired quality in all locations.

Since results are published in Hive Insights, any issue can be quickly identified and weaknesses in the network can be pinpointed.

To run a Silent Test, you need the Hive software client installed on a select number of end-user devices. On-going Silent Testing is an option in most Hive Distribution Enterprise offers, allowing you to always secure the optimal end-user video experience.

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