We are very pleased to announce the beta availability of Hive Video Distribution in the browser!

If you are running Hive Enterprise Video Distribution and would like to reach viewers and devices where you normally don’t install company software, you can now extend your reach using our WebRTC-based solution. Or, if for some reason you don’t want to install software on any device at all, you simply run Hive Streaming as an HTML5 web script in your web portal without the need for any software plugin or deployment.

The Hive Streaming browser-based solution utilizes WebRTC and was built using the latest technologies available for web development. It is completely written in Typescript 1.8, which supports the most recent javascript ES6 standards. It also uses new browser technologies such as WebWorkers and IndexedDB for data manipulation and storage. In terms of video protocols, our browser solution currently supports DASH and HLS, as they are the de-facto standard in HTML5 video streaming. All of the above is encompassed in a small footprint of around 500KB of fully minimized and obfuscated code that runs on most browsers: Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+ and Opera 30+. On all other browsers, Hive will collect statistics and performance data that later can be viewed on Hive Insights.

This solution is available in Tech Preview mode to help you get started. We have prepared a number of default player integrations for the most popular players in the market: Azure Media Player, Video.js, Shaka Player, and Flowplayer. In case your player is not currently supported, integrating Hive U is usually a matter of few lines of code.

This WebRTC-based solution is also fully compatible with Hive Insights, our complete suite for monitoring and troubleshooting video broadcasts. If you would like to be beta-user, please email info@hivestreaming.com


Roberto Roverso, Ph.D.
Head of Research & Development
Hive Streaming