Will the enterprise solution support Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming (ABR)?
ABR is primarily an HTTP-based streaming media technology that adjusts the bit rate of a video stream based on the user’s bandwidth (More details). Users with high-quality connections get a better quality, higher bit rate video stream than those with poor connections. ABR has grown in popularity over the past ten or more years and is now a standard technology for streaming professionals whether they are streaming video over the Internet, Netflix uses ABR, or to enterprise viewers behind the corporate firewall.

Being able to support ABR is critical to delivering the best quality video experience to all your end users. If your network in India isn’t capable of receiving a 2.5 or 1.7Mbps stream then the bit rate can be automatically dropped to 750kbps or lower to ensure a quality video viewing experience behind that firewall.

Will the video content stay on your network?
Security is a major concern for those enterprises looking to broadcast video from their key executives. Obviously, a key factor in tightening security is keeping the video behind your corporate firewall. Unlike other solutions, the Hive Streaming service does not pass your content through our servers. We keep the content on your network. You may choose to use an external CDN as the source for your content, but the Cloud-based Hive Streaming Helper Services assist with reporting, peer discovery and connection setup. Video content does not need to leave your network.

What degree of manual configurations are required?
Viewers should be able to pause a live event and then resume from where they left off. This feature shouldn’t require manual configurations – it should be automatic. We all get interrupted or need to take a break; let your audience do so and still be able to view the event in its entirety. Do your end users have different browsers? Hive Streaming is compatible with common browsers without manual configurations.

How rich and intuitive is the reporting dashboard?
We encourage you to put Hive Insights through its’ paces. Run a Silent Test; no cooperation is needed from your end users, and experience the richness, usability, and depth of data that Hive Insights provides.

Avoid Proprietary Delivery Protocols
Hive takes a standards-based approach and supports HTTP ABR formats such as Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). We recommend you avoid proprietary protocols due to potential player compatibility issues and future integration into other applications. There’s a large value chain around video creation, distribution, editing, storage, and viewing.  Throwing a proprietary protocol into the mix creates an unpredictable future.In Conclusion
These aren’t the only important factors in selecting an enterprise streaming solution, but we’d like to make sure you are aware of them if these criteria are important for your needs. Another benefit of a software-based solution is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive (free) to test. Well, that’s the case with Hive Streaming. You can pre-test your network with Hive Insights to see the impact a streaming event will have on your network and the QoS you’ll be able to deliver to your employees. That’s peace-of-mind!

At Hive Streaming we are focused on delivering the easiest to use Enterprise Video Delivery service – the emphasis is on delivery. We integrate with leading video content management systems so you can select the CMS that best fits your needs. Please reach out and request a demonstration.

Stephen Condon