Hive For LiveArena


LiveArena provides simple and cost-effective solutions to create and deliver live and on-demand traditional TV channels to any device, anywhere, at any time.

Their solutions are sized to fit the needs of every organization, from enterprise companies to small sport teams. Their solutions and services are built entirely on Microsoft Azure and Azure Media Services. LiveArena and Hive Streaming are sister companies and both are headquartered in Sweden.


The LiveArena platform enables you to use Hive Streaming for either on demand or live event work flows.


Regarding the Hive Streaming integration, our mutual customers use LiveArena to provide live event production services, transcoding, content management and the creation of a TV-like viewing experience.

LiveArea typically uses Hive Streaming integrated with the Azure Media Player for live and on demand video distribution within enterprises. To enable the viewing or playback of a Hive enabled event/channel, the embedded player is accessed via the LiveArea content portal and the Hive Agent running on the viewer’s device is initiated.

Reporting on Hive-enabled events can be integrated into the LiveArena reporting portal.

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