Partner update & SME Talk

Partner update & SME Talk

Global Robotic Surgery!
It sounds like the plot of a Grade B Science Fiction movie… but it’s not!
This past February, our friends at LiveArena® partnered with Microsoft to deliver 24-hours of robotic surgery coverage to over 3,000 medical students and professionals across the globe.

This year’s Worldwide Robotic Surgery Event connected 10 of the worlds’ leading robotic surgery centers across 4 continents, delivering a live video stream over 24 continuous hours. LiveArena® Broadcast™ — built on Microsoft Azure Media Services — provided management of the live and on-demand video stream.

The event turned out to be a great demonstration of the power of Microsoft Azure Media Services platform. So great, in fact, that LiveArena® was honored by Microsoft as a finalist for the 2015 Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship Partner of the Year Award. LiveArena® beat out over 2,300 entries to become a finalist. We’re proud to have partners such as LiveArena® working with Hive Streaming.

Congratulations to the whole LiveArena® team!

Solving the Challenge of Enterprise Video Distribution – replay available

My Streaming Media East 2015 Discovery Track talk is now live on the Streaming Media website. I like to think I’m a lot more exciting in the flesh. But if you couldn’t make it to Streaming Media East, this is a great opportunity to learn more about enterprise video distribution – and what Hive Streaming brings to the table.

I cram a lot into this 20-minute presentation, including an overview of the enterprise streaming video market landscape, common pain points for streaming in enterprise networks, current approaches to the problem – and finally a “little pitch” for Hive Streaming.

I hope you like it!

Jonathan Discount
Hive Streaming