Hive Streaming is partnering with Birkbeck Careers for a one-off event as part of their Upscale Programme for their student community. 

Birbeck’s Upscale Programme is designed to inspire students to pursue careers within the technology sector. The UK’s economy is thriving and tech skills are more sought after than ever before. The Upscale Programme invites innovative companies to inspire students with the innovative ways they are solving technology challenges and creating amazing experiences. 

This diverse group of London students will come together on the evening of the 15th June to listen to Hive’s Chief Technology Officer Roberto Roverso. Roberto is responsible for creating and executing Hive’s technical vision. His role encompasses the following areas: making sure that business and technical goals are aligned, coordination of Hive’s tech teams, evangelization of Hive’s technology and dissemination of Hive’s open knowledge portfolio. 

Roberto will talk about Hive Streaming’s history from its roots, in the Swedish Technology University to a fast-growing agile company of today, and describe how we solve technology challenges.

Date: June 15, 2017

Birkbeck, University of London
Room: MAL B35
Malet Street

Do you want further information or have any questions please contact Mark Coomber,

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