Hive Streaming – Leverage Your Existing Resources for Video Distribution

Leverage for Your Existing Resources for Video Distribution

Hive Streaming – Leverage Your Existing Resources for Video Distribution

Hive Streaming is the “Green” Solution

We’ll start off with the assumption that you are having challenges delivering a high-quality video experience to your employees over your corporate network. You are likely to have had the experience of launching a new training video and subsequently having complaints about poor video quality and how slow the network became. The thought of broadcasting a high definition video of your CEO’s next Town Hall… well, you try not to think about it. There are solutions, but most require the significant expense of additional hardware or the scary fixed expense of provisioning additional bandwidth. So how do you solve the video distribution challenge by leveraging resources you already have in place?

If you are an enterprise with many physical locations, then bandwidth costs are a significant expense. Provisioning more bandwidth for each office represents a significant fixed recurring investment. Considering that video viewing is often spikey, investment in additional bandwidth is unlikely to be highly efficient use of resources. Installing additional hardware, such as caching or multicasting boxes, not only represents a capex outlay, but also a significant human resource cost due to ongoing installation and field maintenance.

There must be a more resource efficient solution! You guessed right, Hive Streaming is a software-only solution that utilizes bandwidth and hardware you already own to efficiently distribute video over enterprise networks. Hive Streaming politely accesses underutilized computer resources within your network to deliver video. Hive gives you control over how much of that idle compute power you utilize so that you don’t interfere with your users’ experience.

Our customers also like that they have central control over the application. With Hive, they have one video delivery solution that they can utilize with the various video conferencing and video management platforms they’ve deployed. Hive Insights is an intuitive to use reporting and analytics package that gives detailed views of the video experience end users are receiving detailed analytics about network performance.

Hive Streaming is also extremely bandwidth efficient. Our peer-based technology takes one stream into the subnet (assuming only one is needed), and then uses your internal bandwidth to deliver the video to other viewers. Our customers find that they usually see a 90-99% reduction in traffic through their WAN and thus significantly reducing the network traffic and the bandwidth they need to provision.Enterprise video distribution

So if you want to generate more green ($) by deploying a resource efficient video delivery solution then contact and we’ll show you how you can embrace internal video communications – we can even run a Silent Test for you so you can see the positive impact Hive will have without having to involve your users.

Stephen Condon