Interest for our solutions in the D-A-CH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) continues to grow.  At Hive Streaming, we’ve been busy extending partnerships across the region. Please visit the Partners section on our website for current and upcoming partners:

We are noticing increasingly demand in all three countries and across all our partners. Customers welcome Hive Streaming as an agnostic solution that integrates easily with many different providers of video platforms, players and specific product features.  In addition to existing integrations with leading international partners, Hive Streaming also addresses regional requirements by integrating with specialized partners in various regions, across the D-A-CH region and other parts of Europe. This differentiates the Hive offering from many who are pushing their platform.

At Hive Streaming, we enable customers to use our technology on their existing infrastructure, in combination with a broad range of partner solutions and even with multiple partners in parallel powered by the same Hive Streaming installation, and with comprehensive diagnostic tools via Hive Insights. This strong feature-set fulfills customer expectations for truly standardized networking workflows. To further support the German speaking market, we will launch a series of events, webinars, and activities together with our partners that will include localized content for requirements in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Hive Streaming will be present at CeBIT, the world’s largest IT convention that takes place from March 20-24 in Hannover, Germany. We are exhibiting at the Microsoft Skype for Business pavilion where we showcase our integration with Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office Video, as well as our new and improved Quality of Service analyzing solution Hive Insights.

Whether you are an international visitor or local, we have the perfect English, Swedish, Italian and German speaking contact persons for you on-site, from the headquarter in Stockholm, our R&D lab in Berlin, our German speaking representative, as well as both technical and business staff. Please reach out to us to schedule meetings at CeBIT. We are looking forward to seeing you. You can reach out to me via

Björn Adamski, Business Development D-A-CH

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