Hive Solves Video Delivery Challenge for Global Chemical Company Kemira

Hive Solves Video Delivery Challenge for Global Chemical Company Kemira


Kemira has selected Hive as their enterprise video delivery solution

We love chemical companies at Hive! This year we have already published a case study with Eastman and now we get to do the same with Kemira, another global chemical company. This case study is great validation that our focus on delivery and integrating with video content management systems that enterprises are already utilizing is resonating in the market.

Click here to read our Kemira Case Study

Kemira was facing severe challenges being able to broadcast live video globally. They often retreated to suboptimal solutions such as gathering everyone in central locations and broadcasting low-quality video. They were looking to leverage their investment in Office 365 and Skype Meeting Broadcast as well as a video content management system named Struu from their trusted video experts FLIK. Hive was able to integrate with both these platforms which was key to us being selected. Also contributing to Hive being selected was our software-only solution and our ability to deliver extremely high video quality as depicted in this data from the trial:

The result for Kemira is enthusiasm for enterprise video communications, to quote Tii Salmela, the project lead, “Kemira has been very happy with the performance of Hive Streaming and the commitment of the Hive team. Hive Streaming helped give us the confidence to fully utilize the power of enterprise video communications.”

There’s some great data from the Kemira trial and more details on some of the challenges Kemira faced. Please read the case study now and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can answer any of your questions.

Todd Törnquist