New White Paper: High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting Without Straining Your Network

TalkPoint Hive Streaming Solve Webcasting Challenges

New White Paper: High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting Without Straining Your Network

We’ve just published a joint white paper with our friends at TalkPoint. Marketers love their webcasting/webinar platforms, especially the TalkPoint platform, and are using them to attract and retain customers, but what about using them to communicate with employees? The ability to easily incorporate video (from multiple locations), poll viewers, answer questions, and record and manage future viewing, are all features that are compelling for internal as well as external webcasts. More on this topic in a future blog post. Of course, Hive Streaming can help your scale these live and on-demand video broadcasts to employees within your corporate networks.

The white paper is available from the TalkPoint website via this link. We’d love you to read it. Here’s an introduction from the team at TalkPoint:

As companies undergo their digital transformations, today’s playing field is becoming increasingly technology-democratized and fierce. In this climate, a company’s employees are its most valuable brand ambassadors and a primary source of competitive differentiation. As such, companies need to put the same energy and focus toward reaching and engaging their employees as they do toward engaging their external audiences. While live video webcasting is one of the most effective and cost-efficient internal communications tools a company has, concern over the corporate network holds many enterprises back. But it doesn’t have to.

TalkPoint’s partnership with Hive Streaming, a software-based video delivery solution, eliminates fear over straining the corporate network. Hive Streaming integrates seamlessly within our Convey webcasting platform. It uses peer-to-peer-based technology and bandwidth already provisioned within an organization to deliver optimized, high-quality video.

Enjoyed working with the team at TalkPoint on this publication. We also wish to thank them for allowing us to use their platform for our recent webcast where we introduced Hive WebRTC 1.0 – if you haven’t watched it, view on demand here.

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Stephen Condon