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Hive Streaming extends activities for the D-A-CH market in 2017

The D-A-CH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) continues to show increasing interest in Hive Streaming’s solutions for software-defined video delivery in enterprise networks. Hive Streaming extends partnerships across the region and welcomes new valuable partners on board. Please visit the Partners section on our website for current and upcoming partners: We notice increasingly strong demands in all three countries and across all our partners. Customers welcome Hive Streaming as an agnostic solution that integrates easily with many different providers of video platforms, players and specific product features such as Skype Meeting Broadcast. Customers in European markets and the D-A-CH region often use solutions from local providers. In addition to existing integrations with leading international partners, Hive Streaming also addresses regional requirements by integrating with specialized partners in various regions, across the D-A-CH region and other parts of Europe. The feedback we receive from customers and our track record verify that diversity of integrated partner solutions makes Hive Streaming the standard solution to operate an internal software CDN for video delivery within enterprise networks. We enable customers to use our technology on their existing infrastructure, in combination with a broad range of partner solutions and even with multiple partners in parallel powered by the same Hive Streaming installation, and with comprehensive diagnostic tools via Hive Insights. This strong feature set fulfills customer expectations for truly standardized networking workflows. To further support the German speaking market, we will launch a series of events, webinars, and activities together with our partners with adapted content for local requirements in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Hive Streaming will be present at CeBIT, the world’s largest... read more

Hive Streaming shifts up a gear in the UK

Many know me as a keen cyclist. Despite not being one of the greats like Chris Froome or Bradley Wiggins, I am hugely passionate, motivated and ambitious, and I still find time for a laugh whilst tackling some of Surrey’s finest hills! I’ve worked in the technology space for over 16 years. Having had the privilege to watch live and on-demand events over the years, I have seen CEO’s deliver important financial results and global health chiefs discuss critical problems facing our everyday lives. As a technology provider, you hope as the curtain goes up your meticulous testing and planning delivers killer results giving every viewer the best possible experience. Nothing in life is simple. We’ve all witnessed a few mishaps. These types of problems have had a knock-on effect on the enterprise video market and its maturity. In recent years Microsoft, Skype for business and O365 for video have changed the corporate industry’s perception of this market. However, legacy discussions still exist; should we continue using hardware or move completely in the cloud? Even Microsoft would admit video quality is dependent on your network capacity. Hive’s powerful suite of solutions will remove any barriers you may have towards running live or on-demand video events across your network. Please contact us for further information. Mark Coomber Regional Manager UK &... read more

Protecting our Technology

Hive Streaming has since the start worked systematically to protect the company’s R&D by filing patent applications. The drivers have been two-fold: First, we have something worth protecting having developed a highly performant video distribution solution with several innovative solutions. And second, Hive Streaming has its roots in research and academia with a clear ambition to maintain those ties as the company grows and evolves. Employees with academic aspirations can pursue higher level masters and doctoral programs – and publish their results – whilst still having an active role in product development. So protection by obscurity has never been an option and since the outset, we have consistently protected innovation using patent filing as the key part of our IPR strategy. Filing patents allow the company to protect important system concepts and features whilst allowing employees pursuing an academic career to publish their results. Looking at the numbers, this has resulted in 14 patent families comprising 100+ members. In fact, Hive Streaming has 70+ national patents granted worldwide with nine granted patents in the US and 50+ granted European patents in places such as Germany, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands. The other week, we even had our first patent granted in Russia! Patents are not free, though. In fact, costs could be substantial, particularly for a start-up. We believe we’ve made the right decision; a pro-active IPR strategy has helped us to attract and retain highly talented people and our relatively large patent portfolio – in combination with an outstanding product – has clearly helped to position us as a serious player and one of the leading technology... read more

A sneak peek as to how Hive Streaming will work with Office Video

Office Video is steadily increasing its footprint in the Enterprise as an ideal way to manage, store and deliver VOD content for employees.  Hive Streaming has been working with the Office Video team for quite some time to pair our third party network optimization and bandwidth savings solution with the Office Video platform.  We are nearing the end of this integration and are going to give the industry a sneak peek as to how Hive will work with Office Video and the benefits Enterprises will see. Hive Streaming is also looking for a few customers to help us test our integration with Office Video via an early preview. We hope you will join this web meeting to learn more about our solution and to find out how to become an early preview customer. Webinar If you want to learn more about how Hive works and what it can do to cache O365 video traffic on your network, tune into a 30 minute call with Microsoft and Hive Monday November 14. Overview of Hive for O365 Video Monday November 14 @ 8-8:30AM PST Join Via Skype for Business: Full invite, click... read more

Hive Streaming – Enterprise Video Partner show in Frankfurt, most presentations will be held in German

We are pleased to invite you to the Hive Streaming Enterprise Video Partner show in Frankfurt am Main on the 24th of November 2016. The use of broadcasted video for internal enterprise wide communication – live and on-demand – is growing rapidly within the European enterprise market. End-users and management expect a high-end video experience and operations need a solution that is easy to deploy and maintain without killing their network. Against this backdrop, we have invited some of the key players in the European market to share their expertise and thoughts on this topic: Microsoft – Skype for Business, Swisscom, movingimage, Qumu and Agenda:   12:00 – 13:00 Registration & lunch 13:00 – 13:30 Hive Streaming presentation 13:30 – 14:00 Microsoft – Skype for Business 14:00 – 14:30 Swisscom 14:30 – 15.00 Coffee 15.00 – 15:30 movingimage 15:30 – 16.00 Qumu 16:00 – 16:15 Coffee 16:15 – 16:45 16:45 – 17:00 Closing notes 17:00 – 18.00 Networking & Drinks and Snacks Sign up and secure your place now Location:  DE-CIX MeetingCenter Lindleystrasse 12 60314 Frankfurt am Main... read more

Thank you for connecting with the Hive Streaming team at Microsoft Ignite 2016

We very much appreciated all the attention we received at the show from all of you interested in our innovative video distribution technologies. And just in case, here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions: – Yes, Hive is fully integrated with Skype Meeting Broadcast and is in beta with Office 365 Video. The Microsoft Stream integration will be available later this year. – Yes, Hive supports multiple video management solutions. You install Hive once and can then run one or multiple video management systems independently. – Yes, Insights, our powerful and much-appreciated event and network analytics service, is indeed free for Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office 365 Video (and soon Stream) users. – And No, Insights does not require you to install any software, it runs in the browser. Click here to get your free Insights license from Azure Marketplace.   Best Regards The Hive Streaming... read more

Hive Streaming will exhibit at Microsoft Ignite

Meet us in booth #964 at Microsoft Ignite September 26–30, 2016, Atlanta, GA During the tradeshow we will introduce some new HiveTech and officially launch the new version of our reporting system Hive Insights. The new version has a new look and feel and includes a lot of new functionality. The screenshot below shows the new webcast drilldown world map, and yes you can drill down to the individual viewers device and assess the local... read more

Webinar: Microsoft and Hive Streaming

Learn how Skype and Hive Streaming create an Enterprise Grade Webcasting Solution! We are pleased to invite you to the following webcast so you can learn more about how the combined capabilities of Hive and Skype Meeting Broadcast address some of the main challenges associated with Enterprise webcasting. SEP 9, 2016 | 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time | 60 Minutes Read all about the webinar and how to register here:... read more

Hive in the browser – BETA launch

We are very pleased to announce the beta availability of Hive Video Distribution in the browser; we call it Hive U since we believe it will truly make Hive a universal video distribution solution. So if you are running Hive Enterprise Video Distribution and would like to reach viewers and devices where you normally don’t install company software, you can now extend your reach using Hive U. Or, if for some reason you don’t want to install software on any device at all, you simply run Hive U as an HTML5 web script in your web portal without the need for any software plugin or deployment. Hive U is based on WebRTC and built using the latest technologies available for web development. It is completely written in Typescript 1.8, which supports the most recent javascript ES6 standards. It also uses other cool new browser technologies such as WebWorkers and IndexedDB for data manipulation and storage. In terms of video protocols, Hive U currently supports DASH and HLS, as they are the de-facto standard in HTML5 video streaming. All of the above in a small footprint of around 500KB of fully minimized and obfuscated code that runs on most browsers, that is Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+ and Opera 30+. On all other browsers, Hive U will only collect statistics and performance data that later can be viewed on Hive Insights. Hive U is available in Tech Preview mode and to help you get started, we have prepared a number of default player integrations for the most popular players in the market: Azure Media Player; Video.js; Shaka Player and Flowplayer. In... read more

Hive Streaming Easter Egg in HBO’s “Silicon Valley season 3”!

At Hive Streaming we are all fans of the HBO Silicon Valley TV-series. During the third season episode three, Pied Piper has got a new CEO and Richard Hendricks has been demoted to a CTO role. The new CEO wants Pied Piper to focus on a hardware solution, this clashes with Richards visions, therefore Richard and his team secretly continues to build on their platform initiating a skunkworks project, their plans include peer2peer distribution and later in the episode from 22:08 to 22:23 you can clearly see the Hive Streaming radial on the white board. We really enjoyed to see that the Pied Piper team was including the Hive Streaming radial in their new platform. That is so cool! The Hive Streaming Radial also called the #HiRad and by some referred to as the LSD graph due to the colorful interface, is part of our reporting tool #HiveInsights. The HiRad is used to display and assess how the distribution during a webcast has been performing. Traffic flows and streams can be viewed individually or grouped in order to highlight how the system has performed and how the network in general is performing, making it really easy to troubleshoot and detect possible hitches.  You can easily show all the data flows from and to different network segments, and drill down to specific sites, subnets and even to individual devices. This and lot of other features makes the HiRad an extremely powerful reporting tool, soon we will be releasing a new version of Hive Insights with a lot of new functionality to the HiRad, so stay tuned for more information about... read more

Hive Streaming will be joining ‪#‎MovingIMAGE24‬’s roadshow in Cologne on the 7th of June

MovingIMAGE24, a leading German online video platform provider, and valued partner to Hive Streaming. Will be presenting their solution together with a number of dedicated partners in Cologne on the 7th of June. Hive Streaming will have a booth onsite, and our staff are happy to present our technology and answer questions. We are looking forward meeting you in Cologne! / Hive Streaming – DACH P.S Further information about the event can be found... read more
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