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Video Webcasting Guidelines Part 2: You and Your Surroundings.

This is the second in a series of blogs from the Hive Streaming team on Webcasting Best Practices. The first was titled Video Webcasting Guidelines Part 1: Building Slides. This second blog is again by Stephen Condon, our Vice President of Global Marketing. Please send any feedback or input to or reach out to Stephen via twitter @streamingguy These tips are going to be most relevant for someone looking to webcast from their desk using either a built-in computer camera or an independent, free-standing camera. Those engaging in bigger productions will no doubt have guidance from an experienced team, but many of these tips still will be applicable. As Dan Rayburn, the editor of, points out in a blog post, the Devil is in the non-technical details. Select a location that: Is well lit and has consistent light Is free of external noises Has covered windows, and Is free of clutter. Avoid wearing clothes that may flare or be distorted on camera. Generally, plain dark colors work best. If you plan to wear a coat or jacket, it’s best not to button it. Bring a sign to put on the door to avoid interruptions during your broadcast. Do a camera check before starting your broadcast. Pay close attention to lighting as it has a large impact on the audience’s perception of your professionalism. Make sure your background and foreground is free of possible distractions, and If good lighting is resulting in any shine on your skin, apply a little make-up. Any finally but very importantly make sure cell phones are off, desk phones are on mute, and... read more

Swisscom and Hive Streaming Extend and Strengthen Partnership

Since October 2016, Hive Streaming has been successfully working with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG in the Swiss market to offer enterprises a complete video management and delivery solution. Recent interest expressed in the Hive Streaming Skype Meeting Broadcast integration by Swisscom customers has been the catalyst for Hive Streaming and Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG to formalize their partnership. Hive Streaming has granted Swisscom the first right of refusal on sales opportunities that arise for Hive Streaming with Skype Meeting Broadcast in Switzerland. Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG is a subsidiary of Swisscom and implements technical infrastructures for the digitization of live communication. Swisscom Event and Media Services is an ideal partner for Hive Streaming as they have deep expertise in unified communications and digital media. The extended partnership will expand the opportunities for success we have in enabling enterprises to broadcast live video presentations on an international scale without the need for additional hardware purchases. Swisscom also has strong relationships with Microsoft and movingimage, who provide critical components of a complete enterprise video delivery and management platform. The Swisscom Event and Media Services team is well represented in the Swiss market and will help increase the profile and growth opportunity for Hive Streaming video delivery service amongst enterprises in these markets. For further information contact Swisscom or Hive... read more

Hive Streaming’s Chief Technology Officer to Present at Birkbeck University London

Hive Streaming is partnering with Birkbeck Careers for a one-off event as part of their Upscale Programme for their student community.  Birbeck’s Upscale Programme is designed to inspire students to pursue careers within the technology sector. The UK’s economy is thriving and tech skills are more sought after than ever before. The Upscale Programme invites innovative companies to inspire students with the innovative ways they are solving technology challenges and creating amazing experiences.   This diverse group of London students will come together on the evening of the 15th June to listen to Hive’s Chief Technology Officer Roberto Roverso. Roberto is responsible for creating and executing Hive’s technical vision. His role encompasses the following areas: making sure that business and technical goals are aligned, coordination of Hive’s tech teams, evangelization of Hive’s technology and dissemination of Hive’s open knowledge portfolio.  Roberto will talk about Hive Streaming’s history from its roots, in the Swedish Technology University to a fast-growing agile company of today, and describe how we solve technology challenges. Date: June 15, 2017 Birkbeck, University of London Room: MAL B35 Malet Street London WC1E 7HX Do you want further information or have any questions please contact... read more

StreamShark and Hive Streaming Announce Alliance

We are excited to announce that StreamShark and Hive Streaming will be working together to offer enterprises a highly efficient video delivery solution. The joint solution will combine StreamShark’s expertise in reliable video delivery with Hive Streaming’s unique peer-based delivery service to offer enterprises the best video viewing experience possible. The StreamShark platform leverages innovative technology to solve the common pain points around live and on-demand streaming. Their expertise covers the complete workflow from live stream setup and testing with desired security measures (DRM, access control), transcoding for adaptive bitrate streaming and global multi-CDN delivery of live content to viewers across all platforms and devices. StreamShark can provide redundancy at every step of the live streaming workflow with automatic failovers that ensure an exceptional viewing experience for audiences. StreamShark is serving the world’s largest and most valuable companies with thousands of employees located in offices globally. These enterprises use StreamShark’s white-labelled platform for confidential and restricted (internal) live streaming for events such as CEO Town Halls and All Hands Strategy Meetings. StreamShark chose to work with Hive Streaming to address the challenge of delivering a high-quality video experience to thousands of employees on-site without saturating the bandwidth of the internal network, an even greater challenge in geographic regions suffering from lower bandwidth connectivity. It is essential to reduce the load on internal networks to not only avoid degradation of video quality viewed by employees but also avoid video congestion and prevent it impacting the performance of the network for other applications. Enterprises are typically reluctant to deploy additional hardware infrastructure or contract with service providers for additional bandwidth. In... read more

We welcome Talking Edge Studios to our reseller programme

Hive Streaming welcomes Talking Edge Studios into its reseller community. Talking Edge is based in London and has deep expertise in; capturing and editing video for corporate events and conferences, video streaming, and in facilitating internal enterprise communications. They work with their customers to gain an understanding of their audience and then customize that “aligns video content to the customer’s journey”. Talking Edge Studios managing director Toby Purnell approached Hive Streaming in early 2017 looking to expand their portfolio of services to their customers. Many of their clients are looking for live and on-demand video delivery solutions that don’t require additional hardware or the provisioning of additional bandwidth and Toby identified Hive Streaming as the ideal complement to their existing services. Toby sees Hive’s video delivery capabilities as key meeting the needs of enterprises looking to deliver video to their employee’s connected devices. The Talking Edge team has been working closely with our London-based sales director, Mark Coomber, and they are now ready to offer the Hive Streaming services to enterprises in the United Kingdom. Further information about the services offered by Talking Edge Studios can be found here: and they can be contacted via If you would like to contact Mark Coomber directly please email... read more

Video Webcasting Guidelines Part 1: Building Slides

This is the first in a series of blogs from the Hive Streaming team on Webcasting Best Practices. The first is by Stephen Condon, our new Vice President of Global Marketing. Stephen has extensive experience in the digital media industry and has conducted numerous webcasts. What follows are some of the best practices he has picked up over the years. Future blogs will outline best practices for preparing your environment for live video webcasting and how to be more effective on camera. Please send any feedback or input to or reach out to Stephen via twitter @streamingguy We all know that a presentation should attempt to tell a story and be structured with an attention-getting beginning, a contrasting middle, and a powerful ending (see more in this Harvard Business Review article). However, this blog isn’t about the story you tell but some guidelines for constructing your slides to help you communicate your story in the most compelling and professional manner. Let’s start with whom we hope to emulate. Steve Jobs was the master communicator in that he was able to deliver a simple message in a manner that would inspire employees, the media and consumers. His slides didn’t deliver his presentation, rather they complemented and accentuated his key messages. So what can we learn from Steve and other effective presenters: • Keep it simple One idea or concept per slide. Your audience will have trouble reading and listening so think of a freeway billboard and communicate one simple idea or concept per slide and then they’ll be able to concentrate on what you are saying. • Light backgrounds... read more

Enterprises Embrace Video – Hive Streaming Capitalizes through Partner Strategy and Powerful Analytics Tool

Swedish company quietly makes significant progress in enabling the widespread adoption of Enterprise video. Stockholm, Sweden and Orlando, Florida – March 28, 2017 – Hive Streaming, the developer of the world’s most efficient and cost effective video distribution software, predicts that 2017 will be a landmark year for enterprise video adoption. The Swedish-based company believes that 2017 is the year when many market forces will combine to significantly accelerate enterprise adoption of live and on demand video communication. These factors include: • Consumer enthusiasm for video moving to the enterprise driven by increasing familiarity with consumer video applications including Skype, Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook. • The interest being generated around unified communication and collaboration platforms and the natural fit for video communications within these platforms. • The maturity and cost effectiveness of video delivery platforms and tools. “Video is a critical component of unified communication and collaboration in the modern enterprise,” said Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Hive Steaming. “More and more employees want to use video to communicate in the workplace in the same way that they do in their personal lives. We expect 2017 to be a landmark year for enterprise video adoption.” One excellent example of a unified communication platform expanding its video feature set within the Enterprise is Microsoft’s Skype for Business. One of these features is Skype Meeting Broadcast which leverages Hive Streaming to enable enterprises to globally broadcast a video presentation without impacting the corporate network. Hive Streaming has seen a dramatic increase in utilization of the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature within Skype for Business in 2017. “By enabling Skype for Business customers to... read more

We’ll Be Buzzing at Enterprise Connect

The team at Hive Streaming is looking forward to exhibiting at Enterprise Connect in Orlando next week and the booth will be buzzing with enthusiasm as 2017 has gotten off to a great start! We will be issuing a press release on Tuesday morning showcasing our momentum and including some data on the growing utilization of Hive Streaming in Skype Meeting Broadcast. We’ll also be announcing a new Fortune 500 customer and publishing a detailed case study that will include some of their Hive Streaming performance statistics. As well as print copies of this new case study, we’ll also have new product sheets for Hive Streaming and Hive Streaming for Skype Meeting Broadcast. Drop by and grab a copy please. We have a big team at the show this year. I’ll be joined by the U.S. based team including JD, Andrew Rosato, Mike Colburn, Scott Dillon and Stephen Condon. We will also be supported by our Swedish executive team including our CEO Johan Ljungberg, CTO Andreas Dahlstrom, and COO Niklas Hagen; as well as Markus Knigin, one of our sales leaders in EMEA. We’ll all make ourselves available for meetings Monday through Wednesday night so please reach out letting me know a couple of times that work for you and who you’d like to meet and I’ll respond with a confirmation. As well as taking meetings and exhibiting in our own booth, I’ll also be jointly presenting with Microsoft in their booth. Please join me on Tuesday, March 28, from 5:10-5:30 at Microsoft’s Skype for Business Booth (#504).  I’ll provide an overview of how Hive provides network efficient and... read more

Meet us at CeBit in Hannover, March 20-24

Is your network ready for high quality video broadcasts? Take out the guesswork and the risk with Hive Insights.  Hive Insights is free to trial with Skype Meeting Broadcast. It provides detailed statistics on viewer quality of experience and the impact of streaming video on your network before, during and after the broadcast. Come by our booth to get a personalized demonstration and your free activation of Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast. Learn about how our customers are using Hive Insights together with Hive Enterprise Video Distribution to successfully enable high quality to live and on-demand video distribution across their entire networks. Schedule a meeting during CeBit or Enterprise Connect by contacting us via We are exhibiting together with Microsoft Skype for Business in hall 12, stand E24 All information regarding the exhibit, tickets and how to get here you find... read more

Making Hive Insights 2.0 – the user experience perspective

This article describes the design process behind the making of Hive Insights 2.0. Hive Streaming Hive Streaming provides a highly efficient video distribution service, utilizing minimal network load while ensuring a high quality of experience. Hive Insights Hive Insights is Hive’s interactive analytics solution. It provides an easy intuitive way for users to assess an individual streaming event. Who I am, and why I am writing this I am Sondos Seif El-Din, a front-end developer in the Customer Facing Tools Team (CFTT) at Hive Streaming. In our team, we thrive to improve our design process and always experiment with the latest and the greatest. We believe that keeping an open mind and getting our hands dirty is absolutely crucial to ensure the quality of our products. Needless to say, our environment, processes, and tools move really fast, which makes proper documentation an essential step in our work, to assess our past endeavors, current status and eventually where we will be heading next. Article’s structure This article tells the story of the process that we at Hive Streaming went through to implement Insights. It has two main sections: Conceptualization and Insights 2.0 in action. In the conceptualization section, I go through the process of designing the workflow, how we organized various information in Event decomposition, and finally showing some sketches. In the in action section, I will take you through the final product, showing various interactions. Finally, I will wrap up with a conclusion. Terminology Streaming event: This refers to a video distribution event, whether it was/is a live or on-demand event. Conceptualization Workflow Catering to different user groups, we decided... read more

Hive Streaming extends activities for the D-A-CH market in 2017

Interest for our solutions in the D-A-CH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) continues to grow.  At Hive Streaming, we’ve been busy extending partnerships across the region. Please visit the Partners section on our website for current and upcoming partners: We are noticing increasingly demand in all three countries and across all our partners. Customers welcome Hive Streaming as an agnostic solution that integrates easily with many different providers of video platforms, players and specific product features.  In addition to existing integrations with leading international partners, Hive Streaming also addresses regional requirements by integrating with specialized partners in various regions, across the D-A-CH region and other parts of Europe. This differentiates the Hive offering from many who are pushing their platform. At Hive Streaming, we enable customers to use our technology on their existing infrastructure, in combination with a broad range of partner solutions and even with multiple partners in parallel powered by the same Hive Streaming installation, and with comprehensive diagnostic tools via Hive Insights. This strong feature-set fulfills customer expectations for truly standardized networking workflows. To further support the German speaking market, we will launch a series of events, webinars, and activities together with our partners that will include localized content for requirements in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Hive Streaming will be present at CeBIT, the world’s largest IT convention that takes place from March 20-24 in Hannover, Germany. We are exhibiting at the Microsoft Skype for Business pavilion where we showcase our integration with Skype Meeting Broadcast and Office Video, as well as our new and improved Quality of Service analyzing solution Hive Insights. Whether you are an international visitor... read more

Hive Streaming shifts up a gear in the UK

Many know me as a keen cyclist. Despite not being one of the greats like Chris Froome or Bradley Wiggins, I am hugely passionate, motivated and ambitious, and I still find time for a laugh whilst tackling some of Surrey’s finest hills! I’ve worked in the technology space for over 16 years. Having had the privilege to watch live and on-demand events over the years, I have seen CEO’s deliver important financial results and global health chiefs discuss critical problems facing our everyday lives. As a technology provider, you hope as the curtain goes up your meticulous testing and planning delivers killer results giving every viewer the best possible experience. Nothing in life is simple. We’ve all witnessed a few mishaps. These types of problems have had a knock-on effect on the enterprise video market and its maturity. In recent years Microsoft, Skype for business and Office365 for video have changed the corporate industry’s perception of this market. However, legacy discussions still exist; should we continue using hardware or move completely in the cloud? Even Microsoft would admit video quality is dependent on your network capacity. Hive’s powerful suite of solutions will remove any barriers you may have towards running live or on-demand video events across your network. Please contact us ( for further information. Mark Coomber Regional Manager UK &... read more
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