The Benefits of Increasing Enterprise Video Communication

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The Benefits of Increasing Enterprise Video Communication

Transparency to Increases Engagement

In these time of high employment, it’s even more critical that employers engage employees. At Hive Streaming, we believe the increasing the use of enterprise video communications is key. Even back in 2016, when jobs were more scarce than what they are now, a Gallup research report titled State of the American Workplace found that engaged workers are almost half as likely as dis-engaged workers to be looking for another job. One of the factors that keep employees engaged is transparency –  transparency about strategy and company information. According to the Harvard Business Review’s 2013 employee engagement survey, 70 percent of those surveyed say that they’re most engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategy. This engagement leads to a happier workplace and more productive employees.

So how do executives continually maintain this transparency? Memos, newsletters, emails and conference calls play an important role, but these media aren’t as impactful, emotive nor as transparent as hearing and seeing the message. We think this is especially the case with millennials who have grown up in a more dynamic, two-way media world.

One high-impact form of communication that gives the opportunity to convey conviction and that has a high degree of transparency is the traditional company gathering or “town hall”. Executives present in person to those employees who can attend and, hopefully, the event can either be recorded for on-demand viewing and/or, live webcast to employees who can’t be present. The problem with these events is that they tend to be disruptive, costly and logistically difficult to coordinate. As a result, they are often only held quarterly or annually. Personally, I also think they lack empathy, as it’s difficult to make a connection from a podium with a room full of people.

So why aren’t we making better use of video communications? Video is the most vibrant and intimate venue that executives can use to convey information to large, far-flung audiences within their organizations. More engaging than a conference call, more impactful than email, streaming video is described as an “effective” tool for business communications by more than 90% of executives (see the 2017 study published by Wainhouse Research). Personal use of video is exploding on social media platforms, so why aren’t we making better use of it in the enterprise?  Instead of holding an in-person town hall once a quarter or once a year, why not use video to have a virtual town hall once a month?  Why not use video to have a virtual department level meeting once every two weeks?  Take advantage of technology to foster the communication and transparency that will lead to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Most large companies have made investments in tools that make webcasting possible. Web conferencing, such as TalkPoint and On24, and UC products, including Skype For Business, have embraced video collaboration. So why aren’t you using these tools to communicate internally? These tools integrate with your computer’s camera, giving you the ability to communicate intimately from your desktop to your employees desktop companywide where ever they may be. This convenience means you can communicate with all your staff with more transparency and empathy on a more frequent basis, without a significant disruption and cost.

Embrace internal video communications and we are confident that it will result in a more motivated and engaged workplace.

Stephen Condon