Atkins Global Case Study

Atkins Global Case Study

Hive Decreases Atkins Network Bandwidth By 98% Resulting In Network Savings Of 95%

Atkins Reaps Major Benefits From Using High-Quality CDN Video Streaming

Atkins Global is the third largest engineering consulting firm in the UK and the world’s fifteenth largest design firm by revenue. It employs approximately 18,500 staff based in 300 offices across 29 countries and has undertaken projects in over 150 countries.

Key business drivers
Atkins strongly believes that the use of video communication is pivotal for the future of the company. Being a truly global company investing in an increasingly mobile professional workforce, frequent use of live and on-demand video is key in driving employee engagement. This is clearly reflected in expectations that town hall meetings should run flawlessly and that video should help various business sectors to improve employee engagement, increase management intimacy, and facilitate distance learning and training.

The challenges Hive addresses
Atkins’ existing network and video distribution solutions do not have adequate capacity to fulfill the video business requirements of delivering high quality broadcast media with streams up to 1.7mbps per viewer. Offices in the Middle East and India have limited WAN links and are far from local CDN points of presence, making it hard, if not impossible, to deliver video with acceptable quality. Having studied several options, Atkins concluded that the only cost effective and viable method of handling large scale broadcasts with 1,000+ participants with an acceptable QoE in its current environment was to move forward with Skype for Business using Hive Streaming for network acceleration.

How Hive solved the challenges
Using their existing corporate software distribution solution, Atkins deployed the Hive software with minimal time and effort spent on set-up and configuration. Atkins started by running a silent test with 1,250 computers in the UK which proved the network efficiency of the Hive Streaming software – the efficiency improvement was a 98% reduction in bandwidth. A second, larger test, involving 7,500 devices was very positive, demonstrating network savings of 95% and also enabled Atkins to determine the cause of some hardware related network issues.

Silent Test results US – part of global test.

For the Middle East and India offices, further silent tests demonstrated that the Hive network successfully pulled the required streams from CDN pops in Europe without adding any delay, thus delivering an excellent QoE for viewers. This can be done thanks to Hive’s high distribution efficiency where Hive only requires one incoming stream per site WAN link.

Silent Test results Middle East.

Achieved benefits

  • Live broadcast to all offices and employees, driving employee engagement and improving distance learning and training
  • No new network investments needed plus an opportunity to save cost by retiring some of the existing video solutions
  • Better understanding of QoE, audience engagement, and network weaknesses using Hive Insights for detailed analytics and testing

The Hive Radial reports how the distribution during an event has looked like. You can drill down from sites, subnets and the individual devices such as laptops and desktops.